Friday, October 30, 2009

bile da buat paper paling susah sem ni

*susah bagi i*

malasnye nak stadi for next paper.

yang lagi memerlukan semuanya

bace2 je.


x start apape lg..oh no.



i had a movie marathon with nogha today.

the time traveler's wife and law abiding citizen

both are great.

i'll talk about that later.

off playing chuzzles for now~

::dear mama::

happy birthday mama!!

may God bless you with happiness,lots of money,

and a very happy life with husband and children

and families..

lots of love.~

p/s::i havent got you anything yet,still figuring out what to give you.hehe.
will do later.i promise you.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

::if la if::

kalau boleh la

beluar rumah ni sarung bermuda

and tshirt,

kan bagus.

malas nk ber dress up2.

macam kat tepi pantai.


pakai selipar pun tak payah.

best oh!

me and nogha just got punked dude!


apek pun pandai berlakon.


memang nak kena tembak dengan senapang paintball.

i'll shoot you in the balls dude!!!




i can't wait to go to fucking island,

land myself on the beach!!

it's going to be awesome.

oh,tapi tatau la bile nak pegi.


bali,phi phi and redang la

mane2 tak kesah.

huish huish.

i fucking love bbeeeeaaacchhh!!!


::3 and keep counting::


dah masuk season 3 i tgk weeds.

it's fuckingly awesome.

and great.

i've learnt accidentally hebrew.

bukan nak ok,

tapi dah mostly orang dalam tue Jews.

baru i tau mazel tov tue ape.

ha,nyanyi la ramai-ramai.


ok,it's not good.

tapi bukan i nk.

it is just a story,

and dari dulu pun di sogok cerita-cerita walt disney

yang juga bangsa yahudi.

dah.jangan kau nak judge aku.

jangan kate kau tak tengok

cerita-cerita yahudi.

adam sandler berlakon pun kau gelak kan.




silas botwin is the epitome of cuteness.

i think,

he is handsome.


handsome oh!!!!!

cute and handsome are two different thing.

it's either you are cute,

or you are handsome.

but in this case,

silas botwin

walks the runaway both.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

::one down::


i have finished data network architecture and electronic paper.


it was tiring.

the paper started at 9.05 sharp.

sakit tangan menggoreng ape-ape yang patut.

it's a 3 hours paper,

and i've finished it dalam masa satu jam setengah.

setelah mengambil masa 30 minit untuk berfikir

patut ke keluar ni,patut ke keluar,

patut ke tidak patut ke tidak patut ke tidak,

and,at 11 am,angkat tangan keluar juga.

bukan tak penah keluar awal,

tapi tengok semua tak mau keluar pun.

dok,buat lagi.bikin gua neves.

and sebab tangan da sakit,

and malas nak fikir apape lebih lanjut,

so bye-bye.


now,i can rest till next paper.

maybe friday baru nak start stadi.

Or sabtu kot.

ahad nak balik kampung,

jadi akan penat dan pasti tidak stadi.

ah,bile-bile lah ade mood nnt baru stadi.

ok,nak main country story.


::dear diary::

i used to have a diary.

cute,pink in colour,with a small lock

to prevent others to have a peek in it.

it was given to me when i was in standard six,

by one of my junior,

whom i forgot her

she's actually wanted me to be her pet sis,

but i was,

blur at the moment,

and i don't know how i should react to her.

i mean,

i am not used of having pet sis.

i already have a sister,

and she's more than enough.

hehe*love you jordan*


i don't usually talk to anyone about anything i felt back then

*till now(some of it)*


i just jot down

everything i felt,

i kept the diary for 5 years .

until the end of secondary school.

and one day,

when i entered uni life,

i have decided not to.


i always felt insecure

whenever i'm outside my room,

when i knew i'll be leaving the book unattended.

afraid someone will eventually read it by accident or what.

but that's it.

2 3 years back,

i have discarded the diary for good

and all the memories in it.

for me,

let just stored everything in the brain.

better security,

and no one can hack or have a

and boy,

i felt much better.

i know i can die peacefully

without anyone know

what i actually think or felt.

*ok,God is exceptional*


::sweet dreams::

there are times,

while i was doing my work,

or just having a conversation with friends,

or even go for a walk shopping or anything,


my mind will always

come back to a place where a waiting task is there.

you know,

like a buffer where you stored data for a while,

but i think,mine would be "will stay for a long time data".

and it keeps coming back.

i will revisit the thoughts

several times a day,

everyday and every moment.

it just pop.

just like that.

and the data stored in there,

its somehow,

the packets that i can't process.

and i can't transfer or relocate this data to other place,

nor asking other cpu to process this for me,

nor send this cpu to reformat.

the cpu*me*,can't communicate with other cpu about this.

*ok,whatever.sudah merepek*

the thing is,

whenever i think about this particular thing,

i just happen to only crack a smile,

that is the only thing i can do.

i can't have a laugh about this.

smile and smile.

i can feel the warmth of the thoughts,

makes me at peace,

but i know,

i know..

and i don't mind,

if the data stays forever..

because i love them.


tengok weeds mmg best oh.

walaupun da lame da kan kluar.

i je cm tgl dalam gua,lambat sket tengok.

da abes 2 seasons.


can't wait to buy season2 seterusnye.

patutnya malam ni stadi all out kan.

tapi malas nk stress kan otak.

bace sket2 je.

da malas nak bace2.

nasib next paper 3 hb.

so,esok pagi,


keluar la soalan yang senang di faham untuk dijawab.

sebab soalan2 nya gune ayat putar belit.


how mean data network can be.

::Davey Jones::

kalau i boleh jadi macam Davey Jones,

kan bagus.

tapi bukan rupe sotong lah,

then i'll be looking so gross

and probably won't eat calamari for the rest of my life.

kalau kan.kalau.

in some way,

Davey Jones is better.

ada satu part tue lah

yang i tamau cakap.

and no,

bukan pasal cinta dia pada calypso

ini pasal lain.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

::a better world::

while me and nogha sibuk memilih ayam untuk

nasi lemak kukus kami,

ade seog kakak yang cantek,

tengah pregnant pulak tu.

sejuk mata memandang.

ok,bukan itu point die.

then,kakak tue tanye,

kami duduk sini ke

sambil point ke arah blok apt,

and we said yes.

and she told us about kejadian bunuh diri yang berlaku di blok

sebelah sane.

opposite our block.

oh,sangat terkejut.

actually elise da bagitau ptg td mase she drop but our house.

kakak cakap,depan mata die pulak tu.


kesian die.

da la pregnant.

the victim,

was a chinese lady.

fell from 15th floor.

ouch.that must hurt a lot!!!!!

thank God,

our house menghadap jalan and not the other block.

kakak cakap,

ini kes bunuh diri.


mesti sakit gile.

ya la,

i think,

banyak lagi option lain untuk kill herself,

why must she pick the most,

unbearable way to do it.

makan pill ke,

hidu carbon dioxide ke,

you know,

at least,not so much physical pain.

it happened semalam,hari isnin.

monday blues i guess.


dah la at the moment,

only me nogha and lola the cat ade dekat rumah.

elise masuk maybe next week.

so,till then,

rumah ni mmg berdua je la bersama kucing.

ok,i am not going to think about it.

sangat scary.

and tengah final pulak tue kan.



no religion in this world support suicide.

it's not proper.

eventually,we all will die.

it is just a matter of time.

Monday, October 26, 2009


asyik main country story je.

study baru satu line,

pastu reward diri main facebook's game.


data network kot.

sape suh amik!!

ha,nk sangat amik data network,

ha,hamek kau!

nasib tak amek fiber.

kalau tak,

ha,menganga nak study.


pegi la stadi.

punya main malas kau ni.

::the letter B::

if brave is a food,

i will definitely eat it every single moment i can.

mix it with milkshake and eat it with ice cream.

chew it like a candy.

and share it with anyone in need.

but it is not.

it needs to be gain.

::miss m::


::swimming pool::


a house with generous backyard

and a swimming pool.



free oh ;o

those who matter don't mind,

and those who mind don't matters.

aku macam nak bagi penampar,


when i think thoroughly,

buang masa.

baik aku happy o meter

like what i am feeling now,



ini tak tipu.



there are things

when you set your goal,

and work hard on it,

and you know,

you will get it no matter how long it takes.

and there are things,

no matter how hard you work for it,

you know,

you will never get it,

no matter what you do,

no matter how many times you pray,

no matter what,

you just don't.

that is reality.


i feel so contented.

ah,hepi nye..

rasa nyaman.

*ini beberapa hari sebelum paper*

urrghh tension nye,

banyak tak habis lagi,


*the night before paper*

yay,pegi lantak lah ape nk jadi.da habis.

malas nk fikir.

nk tidur.

*after paper*

and it will rotate sampai semua paper habis.


::si nabil dan barneynya::

chat dengan busu tadi..

and die cakap..

nabil sangat nakal.

sebab jeles dkt baby sister die,hana.

siap kacau die tido,

amek bantal die,

ee...macam nak gigit je budak kecik nih.

rindu bangat sama dia.

yeah,ahad ni ade kenduri untuk baby hana,

jadi boleh balik kg jumpe nabil n hana.


sanggup balik ni walapupun 3 hb ade paper.

ah,xpe2..balik kejap je.less than 24 hours.


::feels like heaven::

i dreamt,

i was going to die last night.


it was a weird dream.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

::nite nite::

good night,sleep tite.

sweet dreams,

selamat malam.

::panda is here::

i have restock my hello panda biscuits.

dah beli strawberry,milk and chocs.


tapi da makan 2 kotak.

hish,nanti kena beli lagi.

hello panda makes me happy!


::it's totally a wrong move::

ok,what i post was totally wrong.

i am very happpy.


it's going to be fun.yay!!yay!!

suck it up woman.and be happy.



nabil and hana tiada for christmas vacation ni.


kena sedia mental and fizikal,

ready mp3 with updated songs,

beli top up for maxis,

and ready to make excuses

for 3 days straight.

if i have a dog,

i will bring him

i am am.

and hoping daddy will save me.

yes,of all the people,

only daddy will understand.

he always do.

and i thought i am ready.

fcking not.i am not!!

not in a million times.


God,it doesnt matter hell or heaven

just so you know,

and i always know that you know

why i have to do so.


p/s:it's only 3 days right,but i can't make my heart feel right when i know,

it's wrong.and i don't need anyone to understand why.

::bad muummeh::

i am sorry,

i have not treat you good.

tadi pun nak basuh tak sempat kan.

hujan lebat.

pegi anta servis,

rupanya alignment lari

sebab rim dah bengkok oh.




kena tukar tayar terus sebab tayar pun rosak dah.


kasian die.tidak terurus.

sori banyak2.

pada ayahanda juga.

sebab anakanda ni ganas.



mimpi pelik-pelik.

dan malam tadi,

mimpi "drogba"

ape kes.

i mimpi tengok bola ke malam tadi.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

::suara katak menyanyi::

tiba-tiba je time tengah hujan ni,

time nak tengok astro pastilah tiada kan

sebab hujan


tiba-tiba teringat lagu ni dimana zaman-zaman dahulu kala

gile lagu ni dengan dila.

-->bila rindu by ruffedge

teringat juga time pegi r&b gig di planet hollywood

sama fyra,niss and mun.

omg,gila lawak.

tapi best ah.

time pg gig kat mcpa hall*betul ke ni*

ngan zuret and her brother,

pg cm la mane2 lagi la.


kalau sekarang nak pg gig,

macam da tua.


kalau lompat-lompat tgk konsert tak rase sangat

*bole tak*

tinggal lagi 36 days before i officially

wear the "23" hat.

and when the day comes,

akan jadi officially tua,

lepas tue urrghh,

comes the unofficially lagi tua "24"

eee..i macam ade middle age crisis.

ah,nak lari,tak mahu tak mahu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

::season finale::

the 5th season of Coleen's Wonderland,

is coming to an end


i hope there won't be any extension of this 5th season.

*amen amen*

i am excited and afraid at the same time.

is this the key of freedom

or just a pathway of facing the reality.

ok,back to country story.


Friday, October 23, 2009

::bilekah nk gerak?::

watching russell on youtube

buat i tamau bangun dari tempat duduk.


i'v been watching him for hours tau tak.

jiran-jiran mesti ingat,

"eh,budak depan rumah tu gile ke,gelak sorg2"

sebab i gelak kuat tak hengat dunia.

and pakai earphone.

jadi macam gelak tade sebab.

sebab rumah ni sunyi sepi.hahaha

ok,ok.need to pack my things,

nk balik rumah hari ni.

hantar kereta servis.dah due ni.

alignment dah lari gile,

tayar pancit sikit,

kesian die.

neglected for months.

layta mummy send you for a wash ok.

vacuum sekali.

ok folks, back on sunday.

::crack ass jokes::

russell peters rowks man.

i can't stop laughing.


he's good.

reaalllllyyy goood.

but i can't post the vids here.

watch him at youtube.

and i swear,

you'll be laughing like your whole intestines coming out.

ok,that's gross.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

::a desktop story::


masa i pegi lab coit untuk buat project data network,

laptop tak boleh on pulak,

thumbdrive tak ade pulak.

nasib kak na anta slide via email.

perempuan ini dengan tergopoh gapahnye

ingin la guna pc di lab tue,

pastu mcm pelik,

nape screen kosong je ni..

pastu kak na tegur,

on kat sini la..


gelak dalam hati kuat2.

bongek betul.


macam nak guling-guling kat situ jugak.

tue la,

duduk dalam gua betul i ni.

desktop da lupa cemane nk guna.

ok,nak sambung gelak sampai tertidur.


::sleeping beauty::

bestnye tidur!!

tak dapat digambarkan perasaan a good sleep walaupun 4 jam je.


after a very hectic week,

present data network tadi,

sampai rumah makan jap,

then tertidur.

patutnya kluar ngan nad sume kol 9,

pastu nad kol,i cakap takpelah..

then,i sambung tidur balik.

ni baru bangun.

best gile!!

oh,tadi dah present data network. went well.

entah apape je i and group mate i,kak na present.

kitorang tatau nk present ape.

pukul 5.20 baru abes settle slide,

present patutnya pukul 5.

cuak gila,

then,kitorg pegi klas,


semua baru nak masuk.

fuh,Tuhan masih sayangkan kami.

tue la,baru semalam start buat.ahahaha.

ni gara-gara antena la ni.

single board computer untuk buat access point tu da jumpe da,

tinggal antena je.tatau nak letak kat mane.

bace manual pun bukan lah pandai sangat.

have to google almost everything.


sir cakap,this shud be fyp nye project,

tapi for our data network klas,

die kasi as mini project,just design je.

nampak macam senang je,

tapi pening gak lah otak ni fikir.

last-last,me and kak na decide,

xpelah,pakai je antena apape yang boleh cater up to 1 km.

assuming the board boleh support antena tue.

nasib minipci da ade trus + board support package.


time present ya Tuhan,keluar suare semut je aku ni,

i banding kan specs semua board tu dari segi bende yang basic gile je.


sir tanya pasal price,

i cakap later in the report,

semua details yang tade cakap nanti letak dalam report.

haha.everyone pun cakap camtue.

luckily dr ong sangat la baik hati.

die tak kesah,best sangat dr ong!!!

i heart u!!!!the best lecturer ever sepanjang 5 years dekat uniten ni.

and after abes present,ingat kan macam teruk ke kan,

sebab simple sangat,

then die kate "ok,you guys have done a good job"

eh,biar betik,betul ke ni nk jage hati je.hahahaha

tenkiu sir.

walaupun macam dari segi technical part sangatlah tatau apape,

sir bagi motivation jugak.

siap extend report and die cakap boleh improvise slides lagi

before hantar 9/11 ni.

lega sangat it was over.

and sir pun tak strict sangat.

wee!!!!thanx jugak pada kak na.

and tadi last day jumpe sir,

final data network will start on 29th ni,

macam sedih je.

sebab sir sangat best!!

he makes everything seems fun.

siap bagi tips,aja lagi.hahaha.

motivation tak payah cakap la.

after class mesti rasa motivated gila babi.

dr ong,you should get an award.

die tak macam lecturer,

tapi macam cikgu.

menerangi anak-anak muridnya sampai bile2.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

::a walk down the memory lane::

seven years..

::T & C::

nasib dah private kan pics kat fesbuk.

my baby brother da ade fesbuk.

nanti die jadi spy oh.


posting banyak error.



hari ni lega banyak.

sebundle beban dah terangkat.

tinggal la 2 3 bundle lagi.

hari ni pulun buat data network pulak.

esok ada presentation.

dah lame tak spend time yang lama di uniten.


gile bosan.

ni duduk di coit depan pc.

da lame tak gune desktop,

gila jakun oh..

tak boleh main country story.


eh,psst psst,

i happy sangat hari ni.

i tatau nape..

dari semalam punya semalam pun happy.

tatau ah,

nape eh,nape..

sangat best oh ;D

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

::evil look::

::oh greece::

i'm thinking of learning french.

dulu time sekolah selalu tanye nohga french words

sebab dulu die blaja french.

and after spm,i even went to mph to buy a fench book with cassette

dengan impian,akan mula boleh bercakap

it's hard ok.

masculine and feminine pun tak lepas.


even dah ambil mandarin pun..

tak cakap sangat.

tak prektis pun..tade geng nk prektis

though time amek mandarin amek dgn fyra and zuret.

haha.mesti semua da lupe jugak..

but it was fun.

to learn a new language.

a challenge.

ceh,english pun still tonggang terbalik.


this semester adalah sem yang paling lah super terbalik.

studies ok.fyp je la yang $%#&

grr.i just want to get over it.

pass sudah cukup.


just now mama called and tanya,

christmas nk pg langkawi?

family vacation.

nak pegi sebab nabil and hana ade.

oh cuteness.

tapi dlm dilema la beb,

nanti pegi &%$#.

mesti tak senang hati aku tinggalkn kl.

hahaha.and yes,

perempaun tatau malu ni,

tanye mama tadi,

bangkok stil on?

nak pegi..hahaha.

phi phi next year.

redang next year jugak.

ceh,mcm konfem je nk pg ni.

wth,tak kire.

simpan duit,nnt on je!hahaha

eh,this 2 3 months,

duit byk gile abes on food je.


in one week asyik makan fastfood,

mekdi,kfc,mekdi kfc.

kakak kt drive tru tu dah kenal dah,

pagi2 buta,muke perempuan berdua ni.hari-hari.

doa2,pass,after final,

boleh move on fikir bende lain pulak.

having fun la!!



nak delete folder fyp pn tak berani.

in case tak lepas,

kena buat balik.


oh well,

me,never take things seriously.

semua bende pun boleh lagi gelak2,

hahaha.tak heran dgn kau fyp.


tadi pegi mines,

saje jln2,

and then masuk kedai baju2 baby.

ingat nak beli untuk hana,

sebab tak beli lagi apape untuk die.

cute la semua baju baby girl.

tapi tue la..

takut beli kecik pulak.

hana baby newborn yang besar sket.

nanti after jumpe die baru amek measurement,

then baru boleh beli baju yang cute2!!


bestnye busu,

dah ada a pair of children,sorg boy n girl.

da la comel.


nak cubit2..

tak sabar nk jumpe nabil.

Monday, October 19, 2009


it was easy.

for me at least.


and now,

all i need is to find my keffi.

i know he's hiding somewhere

*i don't know my keffi's gender,so i put it as a "he"*

oh,500 days with summers.

joseph gordon levitt is super coolness.

it's must watch movie.

top rated.

berdiri sama tinggi dengan aku untuk diletak di hati.

hari-hari mahu mimpi dia.

aku tak tahu kenapa aku sangat hepi.

susah untuk di gambarkan dengan kata-kata.

bile tengok movie tue buat aku sangat hepi juga.



aku juga tak menyesal tolak tawaran mama tuk pegi bangkok.


aku tak mau.

aku ada plan lain.

sebab aku mahu pegi beach,

pakai bikini*dalam mimpi*

tidur atas pasir,

dengar bunyi laut,

tengok air laut yang biru samapi meremang bulu roma

sebab takut dalam.

to feel the sun on my skin.

tinggalkan biskut warna hijau ni,

sebab dah 3 kotak aku makan.

vacation seroang-seorang,

aku belum penah try.

maybe it''ll be awesome,who knows.


tiba masa ucap selamat tinggal,

selamat tinggal!selamat tinggal!

dan mungkin,

kalau aku extra kaya


mungkin aku celup handphone dalam air

*dengan harapan to get a blackberry*

dan pasti harapan tinggal harapan.

pasti kena guna duit sendiri.

oh,brithday present for myself nanti,

i haven't think about what to give myself.

oh,lomo definitely.

itu nak mintak.


untuk diri sendiri,

hurm..apa ya?

oh-->>>>>>*untuk diisi diri sendiri*

;o *triple teruja!!!!*

Sunday, October 18, 2009

::a little peace::

the voice of someone you love,

will make all the pain go away.

at least for me.

and i am grateful for it.

makes my heart at peace.

thank you for being here for me dear,

thank you.

::status history::

i checked all my status history and one of it is this.

사랑해요 대단히

how can i ever forget..

::gossip girl season 3 episode 4::

i love chuck bass and blair.



i have so many questions that need answers.

sometimes i wonder,

why can't i get the answers to my thoughts asap?

and i feel to have the urge of knowing them so i can move on and

ponder about something else.

it took me years to understand

what i have been looking for all this while.

to seek every nook and corner to satisfied my hungry thoughts

and the results are none.

and today,


while watching 500 days of summer,

i have found,

my answers.

God has a funny way to tell His servants

about things that they want to know.

and yet,

you will never know

when will you get yours.

yes, the bittersweet of growing up,

you need reasons for everything

but for me,

the dark hour of reasons,

just fade away..

i don't need them anymore.

::500 days of summer::

..there's no such thing as hope..

..there's no such thing as meant to be..

only coincidence.

quoted from 500 days of summer.

::sam-happy birthday::



::sam-drama queen::


i was a virgin.was!!!





Saturday, October 17, 2009

::a new leaf::

"Seseorang yang melihat kebaikan dalam berbagai hal berarti memiliki pikiran yang baik. Dan seseoran yang memiliki pikiran yang baik mendapatkan kenikmatan dari hidup."

quoted from ekhwan harith.

ya.kebaikan oh!!


*i senyum meleret-leret-leret*



sudah delete.

saje mahu refresh blog.

ah,macam segar kan.