Sunday, January 24, 2010

::25th jan 2010::

dear diary,

i told my mum about niat i yang tidak baik itu.

ok,walau dia tidak agree,

dia ok je.hehehe.


the formula of true happiness,

needless to say,

it doesn't exist.

it's a continuous learning.

even if we manage to find one,

how can a subjective matter,

be define by a mathematical equation to get a finite answer.

we all go through a same phase,

regardless of how it happens,

but, the feelings are almost the same.

we all feel sad,happy,sorrow,excited,etc.

learning is a lifetime process,

it will never stop until we die.

we made mistakes everyday,

but,as long we try to better than before,

it's ok.

it is ok to be on the downside.

it is ok to start from below.

it is ok to start from sorrow.

so we will appreciate and value

what we have more.

life is not about the destination,

it's about the journey.

like thomas hardy said,

"happiness is an occasional episode"

when it happened,

we will cherish it more.

and we hold on to it,

to make it through the tough time.

remember to count your blessings,

not your tears.

good night!