Tuesday, January 5, 2010

::6th jan 2010::

today is my long lost friend's birthday.


da lost contact la pulak kan.


happy birthday to you!

yay,you're older officially than me.

*ceh,ujung tahun tua jugak*

may your wish comes true.


i,finally done editing my resume.


thank you God.

you know what inspire me to get my resume done,



i must have one.

though the first thing i want to do so badly right now

is to go to redang asap.


ok,chilllex dulu.

still january.

ada lagi 3 bulan..

aaaaaah..i can smell the sea from here.


sakit hati kan tengok luar rumah nampak bangunan tinggi2,

dan hari-hari kau dengar bunyi alarm kereta.

apa kes??

macam duduk dekat kedai kereta la pulak kan.


oh,i ada good news!

i finally manage to get my hands on

"the mayor of casterbridge"

yahoo!!*pat myself at the back*

tapi,sadly,belum start baca lagi..

busy thinking what to do to get myself busy.


but it was a great start kan.

now i have a book.

oh ya,

buku tue classic story rupenya.

accidentally terjumpa masa mph buat sales..

and and,

i think the book was meant for me!

because tinggal satu je kat situ.

and it's the first book i lay my eyes on.


nasib semua tak perasan mimik

muka i yang bagai dapat duit satu juta kat situ.


and ooh,

the best part was,

later on,i pg cold storage

(i love coldstorage so much sebab tak ramai.haha)

and i bought myself,chicken sandwich and raspberry soda.

omg,it was soooooo gooooodddd!!

the soda was extremely cheap.

it was only 99 cent.

and the sandwich was only 2.99 if i'm not mistaken..

rasa sandwich and soda tue buat i mahu menangis kegembiraan..

bwahaha..over kan.

tapi seriously,sedap.

tak percaya cuba lah.

about food,

trust me.I NEVER LIE.


eh,cite ni adalah cerita on 30th dec.

gile 2009 i.

xpe lah.

maybe i was extremely hungry right now

after seeing all the facebook's status about food.

ei kamu semua ni,jangan lah post about food,

now i'm feeling like eating roti canai for tomorrow.

"ah,ah,don't think food C"

think about the bikini..

*banyak kau punye bikini*

err,i think,hungry people makes horrendous post.