Sunday, January 17, 2010

::csi wanna be::

the title has nothing to do with the post.

for this one week,

i'm not feeling totally well,

*mild fever*

but now,

i'm back to healthy.huhu.

ok,as i love to daydreaming

about almost everything,

there's this one question

that pops out in my head.

imagining myself being interviewed,

and i have to asnwer this question:

"what is your biggest weakness?"


well,i think,

my biggest weakness is being too analytical.

most of the time,

i love to think almost every details.

i am a very particular person

and i took everything seriously as what it is.

so,i spend most of the time on a particular

case i'm analyzing.

as i am a very observant,

every single tiny things count.

but as i a female,multitasking is a gift.

hehehehe.i am like a supercomputer.

*koff koff*


ok,that was the answer i intended to use before.


after falling sick this week,

i think,

at the moment,

i changed.

i don't know if this has anything to do with my


i guess,

now i'm being less talkative about certain things,

i have started taking everything lightly,

not serious all the time,

and i think,i have stop thinking.

i have stop being a csi agent for a moment.

you know,

like the the wind..

it's there.but it is not the same particle of the air you are



i am the new boring person.

ok,not totally,

i mean only

i think this is good news!

ok,i can't wait for the plans i've been planning with my friends

fuh fuh!!!

i want to buy new clothes.

though my closet are so packed with clothes,

but i get bored.

i want everything new everyday.

can i??


a fancy top a day,takes the boredom away.

yay!!i loike!

uh,and the bonus you get when shopping at pavillion,


the cute guys that makes you buy the clothes

not because you want it,

but because he is irresistibly cute!!


talk about "you" who gives the second glance instead of them.

oh my,

i sound like a cougar hunting for her preys.


cute guys,you better watch out!

p/s:time waits for no men *wink*