Thursday, January 7, 2010

::still 7th jan 2010::

finding a job is tiring dude.

it's not as awesome as spending money.


a totally sucks example.

i wonder why Shakespeare has to end everything in a tragic way.

why he hates women so much?

maybe he's been in a not-so-sweet




i've been a loyal visitor to my "secret chamber"

trust me,

they don't have any astro.

only old cds and mags.

but the bed is still comfy..

and i love spending time lying on the bed,

read the old fashion mags i bought

during my early days in college.

i remember vividly the time

when i stay there by myself

during one of the sem breaks.

it's homey.

and i can do what ever i want.

i woke up everyday around noon,

and the first thing i did was

msging mun,

asking her to accompany me to midvall.

just to kill the time.


oh,it was so much fun!

why do i have to grow old so fast.

why people have to nag me about finding a job.

i still can live by finding any job right..

why do we have to think about the future

if we never know what future holds for us.

we never even know if there's going to be tomorrow.

why can't we be a simpleton

and live life just the way it is.

the present.

p/s :why do i encounter so many why in my life.