Tuesday, February 9, 2010

::10th february 2010::

i am a very quite person.

even if i talked,

only to people who are really close to me,

or people who i don't know at all.

in between,

i hardly talk.

and most of the time,

i am thinking.

and after all,

i don't think this job is suitable for me.

not because of the pay or whatsoever.

but mainly because i have to deal with people.

how can a hot tempered person like me

withstand the customer.

and anyone.

if i happen to do so,

the reasons are:-

because i don't pay attention,

i don't care,

not focusing,

don't care again.

the formula to live,


oh nz,

we're only 8-9 hours apart.

christchurch is nice.

auckland is nicer.

i think auckland would suit me well.

of all the promises i made.

this is the one i promise myself,

i must fulfill.

by hook or by crook.


around the world in 80 days eh.bwahaha.

life is getting boring.

i need extra work.

i need extra load of work pressure.

i need less time with people.

i want to take time off from thinking.



oh.the nearest place i wish i could go.

i've been browsing for part time jobs like 24/7.

haven't find any suitable job for me yet.

i want to fill my time with work work work.

a job that is flexible with my time.

what is it?