Saturday, February 20, 2010


if dapat settle settle down kat krabi pun ok jugak.


i miss krabi so much.

and krabi population is only around 400k people.

tapi still,

auckland is my ultimate dream.

sometimes kan.

i felt like if i'm a man,

things would be easier for me.

i can do anything i want without

having to feel guilty.

less worry about security

and so much more.


and i don't have to spend money

on clothes and shoes.

more on gadgets.

watching football,

and people will still say i look ok

even if i forgot to take


the grass looks greener on the other side.


on our own lawn.

still the same unsatisfied,

problem grass who look pale green

and flowers are not as attractive like in the club house.

no matter how we try to shower them with water

every single day.

oh well,

on the bright side,

being a woman,

you can wear make up and high heels.