Saturday, February 20, 2010

::make up on the go::


i would like to share with you what's inside

my make up bag.

saiz beg yang macam pencil box ni tak kecil

dan tak besar sangat.

comel je.

muat masuk handbag i yang penuh dengan

food stash eh ..salah.

air mineral,buku dan payung.

my cute make up bag

"the things"

so,ada 10 benda penting yang i selalu bawak pergi ke mana-mana.

from left(above):-

1)stila make up 4 in 1

-ada 1 blusher,3 eyeshadow(blue,black,pink)

*sayangnya stila dah tak ada di m'sia :'( *

2)lip ice in a pot-strawberry flavour

*nice scent and cute packaging*

3)nivea lip care-strawberry(again) and star fruits flavour

*i love it!bila pakai ada color pink sikit.the scent is ok*

4)elianto nourishing fruit juice lip gloss-pink

*this lip gloss is yummeh!i love the colour.minimal pink*

5)maybelline unstoppable smudge proof eyeliner-black

*this one is ok.but it will smudge from time to time.2 star*

6)RENU multiplus lubricating & rewetting drops-for contact lenses

*moist and less sore after long hours.4 star*

7)cellnique(b-liv) black heads & sebum gel.

*i got it for free from a magazine.hehe.haven't tried it yet*

8)one drop perfume(celebrity)-forgot the name

*very convenient.and the smell is long lasting.very cheap too.*

9)garnier light visible whitening face powder-ivory

*i like this one has spf 18 and very affordable.*

10) kotex pad- slim

*for emergency time!i like laurier and whisper too.hehe.*

so,here they are.simple,cheap and chick ;D



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