Wednesday, March 24, 2010

::a freaking tiring day!::


as i have to go out early for work,

kena gerak extra awal.

everyday sangat demotivated.

phobia with the phones.

bila dengar "bm".."english"


sebab asyik kena marah je.

like i'm the one who took all your money kan.

i don't like it when i get scolded for things

i didn't do.

dah la try tolong,

kena marah lagi.


da la i ni panas baran.

tunggu time je nak cakap the f word.

tapi sabar je..

maintain kool.


sebab asyik menahan marah,

i get so grumpy,


dan stress.

you know when they say that

certain job are not meant for certain people,


i found one.

this job is ok,

tapi i yang tak fit into this job.

this job is for someone yang tahan sabar,

kind hearted.


totally not for me.

by tomorrow,

i nk bagi surat resigned.


walau kena bayar sebab breach of contract pun,

what to do la kan.


i feel like crying

and traumatized if i have to answer calls.

and psst psst,

my parents don't know i'm going to resigned.

i rather face a person

directly when he/she scolded me,

and if the mistakes is by me,

i take the responsibility.

and after kena marah all day,

balik malam-malam,

drive jauh-jauh,

i thought,

is it worth it?

kalau kena bunuh masa balik tu

pun nobody knows.

and no fix weekend for me..

memang choosy kan.

what to do.

if i have to do something

just to be alive,

i want to love the job first

so at least,

niat nak pergi kerja tue



we have to be choosy right.

i can't do "just settle".

5 days was like 5 years.

i feel like killing myself every single minit.

salute to all who devoted their life for this job.

bagus lah korang.

suka tolong orang.

macam i,

memang tak suka tolong orang.