Sunday, May 9, 2010

::betty the bitter eater::

"this" should be my an uncompromising

vacation.a gateway from the

stressful world i have been dealing with.

and now,

it's already monday.

at 2.23 am,i am in front of a pc

in backpackers' lodge,

i'm tired and sleepy,

but still, i dont feel like sleeping.


you can't cater to everyone needs at the same time.

i think i have tried my best.

enough said.

i seriously miss him ok.


bukan senang nak jumpa.

bila dah jumpa,banyaknya kayu

i tutup telinga tutup mata je sepanjang kt sini.

tapi,still,tak boleh avoid kan.


malam ni rasa macam mahu tidur dekat common area dekat sofa sahaja.

tak payah tidur pun tak apa.

sudah tiada hati mahu tidur.


i selalu ingat ini,

"those who care don't matters,those who matters don't care."

ok,got to go.times up!

wishing myself,all the happiness in the whole wide universe!

*boleh tak macam tue*


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


oh,it's been 5 months since i started

my not-so-weight loss programme.

no diet whatsoever,

i eat everything i can get my hands on

i don't exercise,

i must get at least an 8 hours of sleep daily.

but one thing i did was reducing the intake of rice.


i ate them but not as much as before.

so,updated the total weight i loss in these

5 months was 4 kg.

it was very slow,

but worth it.

now,ade lagi berapa kilo nak shed off.

ya,i masih gumukmontelcomelcikdebab ni.

but the best part was when there's this one time,

i tried my old jeans masa i mula-mula naik gumuk dulu,

then,i boleh pakai tapi tak boleh nak zip.

T_T. tengok cikdebab ni.

then,2 weeks later,

sudah dapat pakai dengan jayanya.

ok,fit la jugak.but i was extremely happy!!

and this past one week i have been eating

like a godzilla.

i can't resist the mouth watering sushi.

so,that's why maintain debab je now nih.


but i'm going to start eating healthy after this.

akan penuhkan fridge dengan honey dew or watermelon

or at least apple.

*itu je fruits yang i suka makan*

and mangoes!

sebab now,dalam fridge ada durian saja.

jadi i hari-hari pun makan durian.

*not good not good*

and and,

i walk for 10 to 15 mins ,

4 days a week.

jadi,i felt good after letting out the sweat.

time tade orang,i buat stretching yang i blaja dari

tapi best!!

rasa macam "whoa" lepas stretch kan badan.

and last but not least,

drink enough plain water.

and i suggest you drink yakult daily.

minumlah bacteria yang bagus tu.


and it really helps with digestion too.

ok,saya minum dua!

Monday, May 3, 2010


phone kena bar.


that's not funny ok maxis.


have to wait till next week la ni.


now i have to buy a new prepaid card

at the moment.

ya la,nk send email pun tak ble la kan.

or or..humpphh hummpphh..

i hope the public phone is working everywhere.

now you know why i hate postpaid very much.



keje pun for the sake of paying the phone bills.


::cerita palsu::

it's going to be super awesome.

enough said.

doraemon on her

::rest in peace::

baru je baca satu blog

pasal ada seorang ibu yang

kehilangan anak dia.


sedih sangat.

everyday dia post pasal anak dia.


semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat Tuhan.