Thursday, February 24, 2011


omg!!it's been ages since last updates.

maaf.perempuan ini sangat busy main games.

eh,buat-buat busy kat opis.

homaigod!kalau pecah rahsia i ni,i yang bersalah.


moving on,

after blogging,

i move to a much-faster-statusrantingwatsoeveryouwantocallit-twitter.

yeah.been a twitterholic for quite some times or nowadays,they call it "tahi-twitter"

and boy,I was hooked to it.

can't get my hands from the phone 24/7.

i even wanted to take it to the loo.


comic books will do.;)


ok,where was i,right,twitter.

yeah,it's like a drug.

i let out my feelings regarding whatsoever there.

fast & efficient.

but,a warning,

twitter is not for a FAINT-HEARTED people.

cause sometimes, your little mind will trick you

and give this multi-million dollar question:

"is that tweet for me?"

sound ridiculous,but it will happen a lot.


don't worry,not every tweets or unmention tweets they called it are intended to you.

while some may bash you right in your face by unmentioning,

others are just tweeting something involving what's happening in their daily life etc.

twitter is fun place to be.

though i enjoy tweeting now,

coz i have to squeeze my brains to put everything under 140 chars

*not an easy thing to do if you have lots of things to say*

blogging is still my number one option.

*if i want to rant the whole*

otherwise,im on twitter.


~hoola dance~