Tuesday, April 26, 2011

::Hello,meet Mr & Mrs Joy::

Meet my Mr & Mrs Joy. ;D

Well,they're not actually a person to starts with.

let's meet them shall we :)

1)This is Mr Joy.Cause this meal looks manly to me.Bile makan rasa macho.#EhYeke

This one is Serai Platter from Serai @ Empire.Gosh,I'm drooling!!

2)This super awesome Mrs Joy adalah sangat sedap!I ate this at Restoran Atong in

Sabah.Omg!It's so good.I never knew Ikan Goreng could mix so well with soup.

3)Ok,this Mrs Joy is once a Dory(fish).The smooth feeling of the fish melts rightaway

in your mouth.From Manhattan Fish Market.

4)This is totally Mr & Mrs Joy.yeah!Too bad i coudnt eat both.Mine is the rice with

the bbq chicken(if im not mistaken) and the other one,i forgot what it is :( .But

fret not.I still remember the place.They're from Manggo Chilli in Giant Kinrara.

They're famous for their Kerabu Mangga & Tomyam.What's more to say.Even a simple

Mee taste likes heaven.I'M TELLING YOU THE TRUTH!!

5)And last but not least,baby joy.yup.Mr & Mrs Joy are married.heeheehee

this is my saviour.oh well,i dig on this no matter how my moods are.This one is

from Ice Room.

banyak lagi ni..nda sempat mo upload jak.

eh,cakap sabah bha.lol

that's all for today.

happy drooling everyone!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

:Berukband gone wrong::

This Celcom berukband is killing me.


stab me upfront Celcom!yeah stab me!

paying hundreds of ringgit to get this kind of service.

What the fork!!!


I want to bury this berukband.

Friday, April 15, 2011

::Missing My Bling-bling.Help!::

nana eating durian.muka eksaited.

i miss them mucho mucho :(


haluu bloggie!!

miss me much?i miss you *hugs*

as per today,

i'm in the office.

do some test T_T

no extra nap for today..fufu.

alright,actually,that's not the point.

ok,bahasa rojak lah.belit-belit lidah i nak cakap bahasa omputih ni tau.

nanti jadi ptuih ptuih plak.cemano?

*rabbit dance*

Thursday, April 14, 2011

::hye,hello,hurm,what else::

hello bloggie.

life without a laptop is like life without food/water.

i miss my lappy.

i work in an IT company.

But still i havent figure out what is wrong with my lappy.